The End of Abundance: Economic Solutions to Water Scarcity

by David Zetland

In a past of abundance, we had clean water to meet our demands for showers, pools, farms and rivers. Our laws and customs did not need to regulate or ration demand. Over time, our demand has grown, and scarcity has replaced abundance. We don't have as much clean water as we want. We can respond to the end of abundance with old ideas or adopt new tools specifically designed to address water scarcity.

In this book, David Zetland describes the impact of scarcity on our many water uses, how the institutions of abundance fail in scarcity, and how economic ideas and tools can help us direct water to its highest and best use. Written for non-academic readers, The End of Abundance provides examples, insights and ideas to anyone interested in the management of our most precious resource.

The beginning of the end [sample]

Part I: Personal water choices
  1    Water from the tap [sample]
  2    Dirty water
  3    The liquid lifestyle
  4    Water for profit
  5    Food and water
  6    Water for power for water

Part II: Social water choices
  7    Managers and politicians
  8    Dams, pipes and pumps
  9    Water and the environment
  10  Weather and climate change
  11  A human right to water
  12  Water wars

Afterword: What you can do
Notes to the text
Works cited
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Aguanomics Press (2011)
ISBN: 978-0615469737
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